Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!! Live from N'Djamena!

We are back in N'Djamena, although we are encountering some further problems with airline tickets. I wanted to share some of the first pictures of the trip, now that we have something approaching internet access. Photos and explanations below the fold (larger photos or perhaps a full photo album will be posted when we have a higher speed connection).

We arrived here about seven hours ago after a sixteen and a half hour overnight bus ride over unpaved roads from Abeche to N'Djamena, totalling some 880 km (about 660 miles).

This is the Abeche bus station:

The trip was ferociously uncomfortable and dusty - here is a view of sunset from the bus.

Some of the folks we interviewed while out in the wild, wild east, as well as a picture from our ride back to our compound.

Here are some of the friendly local military we passed on the way back from a refugee camp.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year.

We are pleased to hear that you are safe and continue to make good progress with your filming.

Take care!
Owen and Amanda

Jon said...

Hey, not only are you on a life-changing adventure to try to bring good to the world and raise consciousness of a tragedy the world is ignoring, you ALSO managed to be the only Bears fan on the planet who didn't watch the Beloved get thier heads kicked in by the Pack.

You lucky bastard! :)

Seriously, keep up the updates and the good works, m'man. We're all watching...well, reading...with baited breath!


Niny said...


Niny said...

Hello folks - not sure if you have gotten in touch yet with our friends Gabriel and Stacy who had been travelling around there for the past two weeks plus. Here's their videoblog:


Haney Armstrong said...

Come over to and update us on your trip - maybe start a discussion in this group -

Meron said...

Hi Niny!!!

Thanks for the link to here. I too am a friend of Gabriel's. As well, I'd like to encourage all of you following along here to check out the video blog on Gabriel and Stacey just completed a 15 day tour of some of the IDP camps on the Chad/Darfur border.

I'll follow along here now. Thanks for your efforts on behalf of the people of Darfur.


PS: Hey Haney!!! I see you've managed to get in here and post a message while I've been composing mine. Awesome!

Ouch! Having a difficult time making this comment stick here.