Wednesday, February 28, 2007

And now a word from Ousman

Among the many interesting folks we met on our journey was Ousman Khami. Ousman is associated with the SLM's "Group of 19" (those who didn't sign on to the peace accord). Today, with news of the ICC's formal announcement of war crime suspects, Ousman sent us this email:

Hi there,

It's good to hear that the International Criminal Court has released two names from 51 wanted list, who are responsible for committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in Darfur.

I think this a good step to achieve justice in Darfur and entire world plus it's strong massage to the waitting list.

I just want to let the International community knows that, the Sudanese Gov is misleading the world orally and by actions. As I expected, this morning and directly following the release of the names by the court, the Sudanese Gov announced that one of the suspects (Kushyb) has already been arrested since Nov 2006 because he was accused by violating Sudanese law in Darfur, big lie!!.

A big question arises here. Why we didn't hear that before this date? and why only Kushyb? you know what ? Just after few days you will hear that Ali kushyb disappeared, or ran away from jail to somewhere, or may be he will be executed by the Sudanese authorities because they know that he will be use full for the Court and he will be indicating to more suspects and showing to further evidences.

And I 'm sure that the Sudanese Gov will arrest more people in the next few days and only those who are alleged to be responsible, this just to avoid handing over the suspects.

Also I heard that the Gov is currently trying some PDF and military commanders before special courts. in my viewpoint that's absolutely unacceptable. Why not before this time?

Anyway the only thing I want to say is, the Court has to find out a mechanism or a procedure to put more pressure on the Gov to hand over the suspects once the names released otherwise they will say: They are already tried them or they are in jail.

All the best,