Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Arrival - Wheels down in Africa

The first leg of our trip takes us from the States to Addis Ababa, from where we will be departing for N'Djamena tomorrow.  So far, aside from some minor logistical complications, we've been pretty good to go, and so far have interviewed a wire service reporter who covers the region, as well as several notable personages from the Somali section of Addis Ababa, Little Mogadishu.  The tour of Little Mogadishu was pretty far from a tour f its namesake, but in any case, we met with some interesting people, got some valuable input, and got a chance to broaden our horizons a bit.

More details will be available later, but for the time being, I wanted to let folks know that our communications gear is essentially up, we've started our filming and interviews, and it looks like our remaining time in Addis, while constrained, will be productive, both for the film itself, as well as ironing our some minor last minute issues to be resolved.

As the Somali cultural center is an internet access points for local Somalia emigres, and Addis Ababa is the home to the African Union and is a diplomatic center of the region, I thought I would leave you with this photo.  Additional images will posted later, but I have having some computer difficulties today, and may just stick the one up there.  Hope you enjoy.

Addis Ababa's high-tech sector and the coming information boom:


The Sanity Inspector said...

Hope you can post some short video clips soon! Stay safe.

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